The Perfect 59 Nail Gel Designs

The Perfect 59 Nail Gel Designs

What Are Gel Nails?

Gel nails are unique and very different from the acrylics you may be used to. Using gel nails is as close to using your natural nail as you could. It actually resembles the natural nail; it’s not just a fake piece that goes over top of your nail. They are somewhat similar to an acrylic nail because of what they are made out of which is polymer powder and monomer liquid but that’s where the similarities end.

There are two types of gel nails that you can get. Those that are light cured and the no-light gels. The way to achieve light cured gels nails is to harden them by placing your fingers under a UV-light for a mere two minutes. Now the no-light gel acrylic nails are cured through a special gel activator that can either be simply brushed or sprayed onto the nails themselves. There is also another method of hardening a no-light gel nail by dipping the nails in plain water. Despite the method that you choose you can still achieve the unique look that gel nails offer you.

The great thing about gel nails that is also similar to the standard acrylics is that you can do a lot with them but still offer a healthy alternative for your nail. You can have a design or some 3-D art but you can also simply paint them or go with a French tip. Whether you like your nails to be short or long you can achieve both with gel nails. A design can be applied on any shape or style of nails. You can have a pearl shape, round or even square to complement any look.

If you have never considered gel nails before now may be a great time to make the change. This is the new and improved option to artificial nails. Adding an artificial nail can cause damage to your own nail bed, whereas gel nails don’t do that. Most people stay with acrylics nails because their original nail is so weakened underneath that they have to keep covering it up. You don’t need to worry about that when it comes to gel nails. You can feel confident that you are taking care of your nails while still achieving a truly exclusive look.

This new and exciting way of doing nails are preferable to the standard acrylics you are used to for a lot of reasons. The best part of gel nails is there is little chance of them being lifted, which is something that is very common when it comes to acrylics. It’s terrible to have a professional manicure only to have it lifted after a few days. With gel you don’t have to worry about that, it last much longer than an acrylic design. The gel nails not only hold better but they help to strengthen your real nails if they are used as your base coat. Instead of worrying about weakening your own nails you can help promote the health of them instead. Getting beauty and health all in one package is exactly what you want.

This article will show you many different designs and styles that aren’t always available with acrylics. The 3-D art designs are incredibly popular these days and that is a look that is not achieved with acrylic nails. Using gel nails instead of acrylics can be something to get used to as the process is not the same. It’s actually a better process that helps to protect your nails. When it comes to adding an acrylic nail the nail is cured with a polymer and monomer combination whereas the gel nail is cured through the use of UV lights. Using the UV light is what helps to protect the nail itself.

The final look of the gel nail can be stunning especially if you use some of the 3-D gel art designs and that’s what you are looking for when you decide to get your nails done. You want something different and gel nail art is exactly the thing you are looking for. But don’t feel as if you need to go with a crazy design either, there are many simple gel looks that can complement any look.

Below are many different designs that will suit anyone’s needs. Whether you want something wild and crazy or simple and pretty you will find something you love.

  1. Nothing screams the holidays like a little sparkle. This coral pink look is complemented with some gold sparkle on the tips. A true holiday favorite that will keep your nails lovely throughout the holiday season.

1101215-gel nails

  1. Who says you have to choose just one look. Take this set for example, the girl has used a different look for each nail showing off here truly creative side. Add a little sparkle, flowers or even some dots and have some fun with your look.

2101215-gel nails

  1. Here is a simple yet pretty design. Using one solid color on four of the five nails and then choosing a design for the middle finger. This particular design helps make everything pop so that it’s just not a standard color.

3101215-gel nails

  1. Did I say standard was boring? Never. This color shines with the gel nail curing and brings a normal paint job one step above the rest.

4101215-gel nails

  1. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! How can you not love this fun and crazy design? Three nails have the same design while the other two make them stand out with the Beetlejuice theme.

5101215-gel nails

  1. Do you enjoy a French manicure without any additional colors? This look is simple and yet still cute with an additional design on a few nails.

6101215-gel nails

  1. Hot pink and white go so great together! As you can see in this picture they make your nails really stand out and what more could you ask for. The flower designs complete the look giving you something that really stands out.

7101215-gel nails 8. Do you prefer your nails much longer? This look is a classic one that pairs gel nails with a little length. This design is unique as the green and black designs really play off each other. 8101215-gel nails

  1. One of the ways that you can achieve a 3-D look is with gems. By choosing a neutral look you allow the gems to stand out on their own. No need to take the spotlight away from these gems.

9101215-gel nails

  1. This beautiful re-creation of stones will surely have your friends talking about your gel nails for weeks. The beautiful blues complements the gold and black accents throughout the nail.

10101215-gel nails

  1. Another stone look using black, silver and gold. This is a great example of how you can use solid colors with stone designs for a truly unique look.

11101215-gel nails

  1. Looking for a little vintage in your life? Check out these tiny roses against a pale green background. Truly a classic look for someone who is looking for beauty and simplicity.

12101215-gel nails

  1. Pair this design with eye-popping colors and you will have a cool and bold look. The colors really pop out on the white backdrop.

13101215-gel nails

  1. Using the pointed edge of the gel nails for this look you can create an unique design by adding a touch of color along the curves of your nails. Bright pink against a pale pink background is a truly beautiful look.

14101215-gel nails

  1. This kaleidoscope of color reminds me of a tie-dye theme. The gorgeous colors together really provide you with a bold and eye-catching look.

15101215-gel nails

  1. If you want something a little rock n roll then just stick with a standard black and add a skull to one nail. It makes a statement and it’s simple.

16101215-gel nails

  1. This sparkle base is stunning on its own but once you add the hot pink feather design you have a gel look that is truly gorgeous to work with.

17101215-gel nails

  1. Black can sometimes be a hard look on its own and that’s okay but if you are looking to add some color to a standard black then add some sparkle to the tip. This particular sparkle is multicolor which suits the black background.

18101215-gel nails

  1. This is what happens when you take different shades of blue and throw them all together. Leave some nails a solid color and add design and sparkle to the others to give them some extra pep.

19101215-gel nails

  1. This unique criss-cross pattern is a great way of pair a simple design with neutral colors for a whole new look.

20101215-gel nails

  1. This cute design can show of your whimsical side and give you something that you can have fun with. What more can you ask for when looking for a design that is unique and fun.

21101215-gel nails

  1. This is a great combination of a simple French manicure and a work of art. Don’t just stay with a standard look when you can use a couple of nails to help the look really stand out.

22101215-gel nails

  1. This look may give you the feel of being in the 70’s once again with the combinations of yellows, oranges and reds in a swirl of color that blends together nicely.

23101215-gel nails

  1. This 3-D design is wild and crazy. The soft colors complement one another and the added gel bubbles draw the eyes to your new look immediately. A truly beautiful design that really stands out.

24101215-gel nails

  1. Some may call these nails talons but the long look is actually very much in style still. The opaque color is simple and yet in engaging.

25101215-gel nails

  1. Can we say wow? This look is truly a unique one. Not only do you have a beautiful design but there is a peekaboo window that needs no color to make the look complete. This design is an unusual yet fun way of bringing a new look into your life.

26101215-gel nails

  1. This beautiful ombre look is something that has been in style for a few years and is still going strong. The pink and blues together give it a soft and rare look.

27101215-gel nails

  1. Another ombre look but this time with the use of different sparkles that brings together a beautiful look with some stunning colors. Add some gems to your look and make it beautiful.

28101215-gel nails

  1. A classic shiny black for all the girls who just like to keep it simple and wonderful. This look will go with any style and any outfit, that’s what makes it a classic look. This long look is even better with a simple and solid color.

29101215-gel nails

  1. Different designs with different colors is exactly what you need to have a new bold look. Choose a few colors and then add some designs to create a truly unique look.

30101215-gel nails

  1. Use this look as inspiration to match your nails with your favorite design. Plenty of color and a unique design really make these nails one of a kind.

31101215-gel nails

  1. If you are looking for something different try this look on for size. A black and gold pairing that is a half solid half design look. It’s something that is going to make your nails really stand out.

32101215-gel nails

  1. This long look pairs pastels with some serious bling. The colors all work together beautifully and the bling look is achieved as a 3-D design with layers of gems to cause a look that will draw people to your nails immediately.

33101215-gel nails

  1. A similar look to a previous design but with a little extra touch. The black and gold pairing is cool enough but you can also add a dot of white to the tips to centre of the nail to focus your look.

34101215-gel nails

  1. The mauve color is stunning on its own but add a little gold design to the middle of your nail and you bring about a whole new look. One that is not only beautiful but special in its own way.

35101215-gel nails

  1. This particular look reminds me of smoke. You have a standard shiny black background but add a little looping white lines that look like trailing smoke lines and you have a unique look.

36101215-gel nails

  1. This red and black checkered design is truly amazing in its own right. It’s great for a fall look with a little added design to make the look punch.

37101215-gel nails

  1. If you liked the previous stones designs then you are really going to love this one. It has the look of marble with a base of white and some black scratches leaching through it. A truly classic and unique look.

38101215-gel nails

  1. Can we say wow? Yes! This one is another look that pairs different colors with some sparkles and designs. If you prefer to think outside of the box when it comes to a gel nail design then you might want to consider something like this. The design is a distinctive one and beautifully unique.

39101215-gel nails

  1. This is a tiger’s eye version of the ombre look. Pairing dark neutrals together to blend together a unique shading horizon.

40101215-gel nails

  1. I can’t stop looking at this gorgeous design. Browns, beiges and oranges put together in a circular manner is an exceptional way of getting a look all your own.

41101215-gel nails

  1. This pale yellow ombre look is stunning on its own. But add a little tiger sparkle close to the cuticle and you have a whole new look. It’s an incredible way of adding a little bling but not going over the top.

42101215-gel nails

  1. This design takes the French manicure to a whole new level. There is peekaboo sparkle windows along with arrow shaped designed that draw the attention right to the windows. A classic and engaging look for anyone.

43101215-gel nails

  1. How about some stained glass as a French manicure. This stunning look has pale colors that complement each other in this stained glass look. Take your French manicure to a whole new level with this stunning design.

44101215-gel nails

  1. If you are looking for a chunky and off the wall look then this one is for you. This is a great example of what can be done with 3-D gel nails. The teal green is the perfect combination to go along with the massive sparkle from the gems and the unique designs that complement each nail. If you are looking for something great for your next event this design is the one for you.

45101215-gel nails

  1. This blocked look is great for someone who isn’t into a crazy look but who still wants to shine. You can even take this classic black and white look to your office meetings. There are peek a boo windows that accents the black and white.

46101215-gel nails

  1. These blue gel nails resemble the blue looking eye. It’s a beautiful way of keeping a positive eye with you at all times. The different shades of blue really bring the look together leaving you with a stunning design.

47101215-gel nails

  1. Are you a fan of abstract art? If so, then this is the look for you. You can use a varying rainbow of colors to use for your design. Each nail in this picture is like an abstract canvas you would see in a museum.

48101215-gel nails

  1. Solids will never get old or out of style. If you like to keep it simple then there’s nothing wrong with that. Choose your favorite colors for your gel nails and get the best of a classic look for any day of the week.

49101215-gel nails

  1. Again another solid color but this one is more bold and beautiful. This hot red combination will be perfect for those summer days on the beach or drinking cocktails on the patio. This look is what summer is all about.

50101215-gel nails

  1. You may find the pale color too simple but look at the difference when you add one nail with some serious bling. The gold sparkle really makes the look pop right before your eyes.
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
  1. A pale pink ombre look that speaks to the springtime months. But add a 3-D look with some amazing gems and it adds a whole new look to your nails. The look is really inspired from the gems from a crown even the way it is placed on the nail.

52101215-gel nails

  1. Are you in love with frogs? This is a cute look that is just as fun and whimsical as you can imagine. You can have frogs on every finger or use some solids and add a frog to one finger.

53101215-gel nails

  1. This marbled look is incredible when paired with black and gold. It pops for any event or a casual fall day out. The black base really complements the gold color.

54101215-gel nails

  1. Bringing back the squares we have a black base that has and ombre square added in the middle. It’s a great look for those that love ombre but want something different.

55101215-gel nails

  1. If you love the classic plaid look then you will really dig this design. It uses the classic red, green and white to bring together the theme from many skirts that you used to wear. Switch it up to black if you want something different.

56101215-gel nails

  1. Looking for something fun for the holidays? How about this candy themed gel design? The design itself is reminiscent of the candy canes and candies that are around at Christmas. Add some sparkle to one nail to really draw out the look as a finishing touch.

57101215-gel nails

  1. This blue design for the nails is unique and really rather remarkable. It’s an amazing color that helps a special design to stand out. A truly unique look.

58101215-gel nails

  1. Gel nails can come in many shapes and sizes and this look is no different. If you are a fan of the really long nail lengths then sometimes keeping your design simple is the best way. Adding the soft pink to a long nail length is the perfect combination to give you the look you needed.

59101215-gel nails

These are some pretty unique ways of showing your own personal style. So ditch the normal acrylic nails and go out and try gel nail designs for the first time. I assure you that you will never go back to the old acrylics after trying one of these designs.

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