Smart Ankara Styles For Stylish African Wives And Moms.

Smart Ankara Styles For Stylish African Wives And Moms.

The unique allure of Ankara fabric isn’t just for the young and runway models. African wives and mothers, the pillars of homes and communities, can embrace the vibrant and culturally-rich patterns of Ankara while maintaining an air of elegance and maturity. Here are some sophisticated and smart Ankara styles tailored specifically for these incredible women:

1. Ankara Wrap Dresses:
The universally flattering wrap dress gets an African touch with the Ankara print. It hugs the figure at the right places, emphasizing the waist, and flares gracefully.

2. High-waist Ankara Skirts:
Pair a high-waist Ankara skirt with a solid color blouse. This combination strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary styles, perfect for both formal and informal gatherings.

3. Ankara Peplum Tops:
Peplum tops create a silhouette that complements every body shape. Paired with plain trousers or skirts, it’s an outfit that screams confidence and style.

4. Ankara Kimono Jackets:
A long Ankara kimono jacket over a solid color dress or jeans and a top provides a blend of modern fashion and traditional print, making it ideal for a stylish mom on the go.

5. Pencil Ankara Skirts:
Tailored to perfection, a pencil skirt made from Ankara fabric paired with a crisp white shirt or a chic blouse is an excellent choice for the workplace or an elegant event.

6. Maxi Ankara Dresses:
These are both comfortable and stylish, offering room to move while highlighting the vibrant Ankara prints. They’re perfect for family gatherings or a day out.

7. Ankara Jumpsuits:
For the bolder moms out there, an Ankara jumpsuit is both trendy and practical. It’s a complete outfit in itself and looks flattering on various body types.

8. Flowy Ankara Palazzo Pants:
Combine comfort with style. When paired with a plain top, Ankara palazzo pants are perfect for a relaxed day at home or a day out shopping.

9. Ankara Shirt Dresses:
A fusion of the classic shirt dress and the vibrant Ankara prints. This dress style is both casual and smart, suitable for various occasions.

10. Ankara Blazer:
A well-tailored Ankara blazer over a little black dress or paired with formal pants and a blouse can elevate an everyday look to something more sophisticated.

Styling Tips:

  • Stay True to Comfort: As a wife or a mom, comfort is key. Ensure that whatever style you choose, you’re comfortable wearing it, especially if you’ll be running after kids or managing household chores.
  • Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix Ankara prints with solid colors or even other prints. The contrast can result in a striking and unique look.
  • Accessorize: A statement necklace, earrings, or even a head wrap can complete an Ankara outfit. But remember, sometimes less is more.
  • Choose Quality: Always ensure that the Ankara fabric is of high quality, especially if you’re going for tailored pieces.

In Conclusion:
Ankara is versatile, timeless, and rich in heritage. It’s not just a fabric; it’s a statement. African wives and mothers can rock Ankara in numerous ways, reflecting their roles as both caretakers and style icons. Embrace the prints, colors, and styles that resonate with you and let your inner beauty and strength shine through.


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