FOOT PEDICURE【50+ Professional Designs】💅🏻

FOOT PEDICURE【50+ Professional Designs】💅🏻

We all know patience is a virtue and a rare virtue for that matter. But as time-consuming tasks such as continuous pedicail service or softtoes excavation are taken over by bots, foot massage may lose its prominence.

from time-consuming to time-wasting tasks – who needs foot massages? The reason is simple: humans are complex, worthy beings and the number of tension points and other bacteria in the human body means that the benefits of removing the dead carcasses cannot be realized without technical equipment.

Some women opt to use a foot pedicure as a way to take a break from their hectic lives. Others have it done every week as a self-care routine. It has also become popular among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Alessandra Ambrosio. Concerns over foot or nail health linger in the shadows of people’s minds, since they expect buying pedicure products is but an unrealistic option.

In contrast, one of the biggest motivators for doing a pedicure – moreover giving any type of personal care – is financial in nature. The task may seem effortless initially, however it often becomes more difficult once people start assembling the right concoction of tools and medicaments that are required for forefoot care.

VR or AR can enable customers/clients to experience a 3D virtual masterclass on how to give foot spa treatment themselves with ease- just imagine the possibilities ;

Pedicure plays a vital role in maintaining health and a natural look. With the use of modern technology, one need not compromise on aesthetics while indulging in this treatment. In the same vein, there are easily available digital tools which can help in providing homogeneous experience to the clients during the treatment phase. Here we highlight some of those “nail polish for your feet” digital tools.

The use of digital tools in pedicure is gaining common acceptance since it entails cost efficiency and hassle-free benefits at cost-effective pricing plans that remove any physical efforts or needs, adding to its utility (with models like Nestor, who has less than 30 seconds start time)


Foot Pedi is an application built using Python Expressions including expert knowledge from each area of petrology and architecture


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