96 Cute Short Nails Perfect For Every Season!

96 Cute Short Nails Perfect For Every Season!

Today on Prada & Pearls we’re sharing the ultimate guide for short nails!  Not all of us are gifted with long, strong claws and that’s okay!  There are so many cute nail designs out there for shorter nails that are fun and stylish.

Whether I’m going to a salon or doing them myself, it’s so fun to get some inspiration!  That’s why I wanted to put together a collection of my favourite designs, so you can figure out what style you want to try!

Remember, feel free to pin any of the images below to recreate all of these designs in the future!  Also bookmark this page so you can reference it in the future!

The Ultimate Guide For Short Nails!

Below we have rounded up our favourite short nail designs by season.  Therefore make sure you bookmark this page to save it for later so you can get inspiration all year round!

This guide starts with spring and ends with winter.  With that said, depending on what you’re looking for, really any of these designs can be done at any point during the year!  Don’t let this guide stop you from rocking hot pink tips in the middle of winter!

Spring Nails

We’re kicking off this guide with spring!  Here you’ll find stunning pastels, florals and neutrals perfect for the first season of the year!


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