63 Photos: Trending Braid Styles for Women To Try Now

63 Photos: Trending Braid Styles for Women To Try Now

Braids continue to be a popular and versatile hairstyle for women across the globe. They offer a stylish way to keep hair protected while also allowing for creative expression. Here are some trending braid styles for women to consider:

  1. Bubble Braids: These are ponytails separated by hair elastics every few inches to create “bubble” sections. It’s a playful look that can be done with one or two ponytails.
  2. Knotless Box Braids: Unlike traditional box braids, these start with your natural hair and gradually incorporate braiding hair, resulting in a more seamless look that’s less heavy and tension-reducing on the scalp.
  3. Fulani Braids with Beads: An intricate style with braids of varying sizes adorned with beads, often featuring a central braid running down the middle of the head.
  4. Waterfall Braids: These cascade like a waterfall, as sections of the hair are left out, creating a beautiful half-up, half-down look.
  5. Mermaid Braids: This is a loose, Dutch braid style that appears intricate and romantic. It’s like a fishtail and a French braid combined.
  6. Braided Updos: These include braided buns, chignons, and crowns. They’re perfect for formal occasions and can incorporate other braid styles.
  7. Pull-Through Braids: This faux-braid technique involves creating multiple ponytails and pulling them through one another for a braid-like effect.
  8. Snake Braids: An intricate design where a thin braid winds back and forth across a larger one, creating a snake-like pattern.
  9. Braided Bangs: Instead of letting your bangs hang freely, braiding them to the side or across the forehead gives a chic update.
  10. Boho Braids: These are typically loose and messy, incorporating smaller braids into larger ones and often combined with waves or curls.
  11. Double Dutch Braids: These are basically two Dutch braids that run parallel down the back of the head. It’s sporty and stylish.
  12. French Mohawk Braid: This braid runs down the center of the head, resembling a Mohawk. The rest of the hair can be loose or styled as preferred.
  13. Braided Ponytails: Elevate your regular ponytail by adding braids, whether they’re wrapped around the base, incorporated into the ponytail, or made up of multiple small braids.
  14. Halo/Crown Braids: This style wraps around the head, resembling a crown or halo. It’s elegant and perfect for events or festivals.
  15. Infinity Braids: This involves braiding two sections of hair, but as you go, you continually add small sections from the outside into the braid, creating an “infinity” pattern.

When trying out these braid styles, always ensure that the hair is well-moisturized and detangled. Use good quality hair products and avoid pulling the hair too tight to prevent any potential damage or breakage. Whether you’re aiming for a casual look or something more sophisticated, there’s a braid style out there that’s perfect for you!


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