55+ Stunning Short Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

55+ Stunning Short Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Love nail art, but have trouble finding awesome and new short nail designs? It may seem that long nails are having their moment in the spotlight, and that can be discouraging if you have shorter nails. Nail art isn’t just for our long-clawed sisters.

Sometimes, having long nails isn’t feasible with the work you do. Or maybe, the long length just isn’t your thing. That shouldn’t mean you can’t have fun and get creative with nail art! By alternating different short nail designs, placement, and color selection, you too can do stunning nail art looks.

Using glitter, nail stamps, and 3-D nail accents allow short nailed gals to join in on the trendy nail art fun. The following 55 nail designs have been curated specially with short nails in mind. Use these as inspiration for your next manicure or to create unique styles on your own!

Short nails have always been demure and feminine. Though beautiful, they were traditionally seen with just a solid or sheer swipe of polish. These days, nail designs for short nails have come a looong way.

Bright bold colors, mismatching patterns, and 3-D accessories glued on in pretty arrangements can be seen on nails all over. Nail art has truly taken such a creative and imaginative path. It is a way to personalize your manicure and through it, display your style and personality.

Even though cute short nails may not give you the same canvas as a longer length might, they are just as fun and versatile! The following examples of nail art for short nails are proof that you can still participate in modern nail designs.


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