30+ Trendy Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles Inspiration You Should Consider.

30+ Trendy Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles Inspiration You Should Consider.

Ankara fabric, renowned for its vibrant patterns and versatility, makes for a stylish outfit when sewn as a skirt and blouse combo. For those ladies wanting to create a signature look for various occasions, here’s an inspiration for Ankara skirt and blouse styles:

  1. Peplum Blouse with Pencil Skirt:
    • This combo is perfect for corporate events or church services. The peplum design adds a touch of sophistication, while the pencil skirt complements the top with its form-fitting elegance.
  2. Flared Maxi Skirt with Crop Top:
    • Embrace the summer vibes with a flared maxi skirt paired with an Ankara crop top. This combination is great for beach parties or casual hangouts.
  3. High Waist A-Line Skirt with Off-Shoulder Top:
    • A high-waisted skirt accentuates the waistline and goes well with an off-shoulder blouse, creating a stylish and chic look.
  4. Asymmetric Skirt with Halter Neck Blouse:
    • The uniqueness of the asymmetric skirt combined with a halter neck blouse is perfect for cocktail parties and evening events.
  5. Wrap Skirt with Button-Down Blouse:
    • A wrap skirt paired with a button-down blouse provides a professional yet stylish look suitable for office wear or business meetings.
  6. Pleated Midi Skirt with Balloon Sleeve Blouse:
    • This combo offers a blend of vintage and modern aesthetics, making it ideal for brunches or family gatherings.
  7. Mermaid Skirt with Ruffled Sleeve Blouse:
    • Perfect for weddings or traditional events, the mermaid skirt combined with a ruffled sleeve blouse adds a touch of glamour and elegance.
  8. Layered Mini Skirt with Bustier Top:
    • For a bold and youthful appearance, consider pairing a layered mini skirt with a bustier top.
  9. High Slit Maxi Skirt with Wrap Blouse:
    • This daring combination is great for evening parties or date nights.
  10. Panelled Skirt with Collared Blouse:
  • The structured look of a paneled skirt complements a collared blouse, making it an elegant choice for semi-formal events.

Styling Tips:

  • Accessorize Smartly: Opt for chunky jewelry or statement neckpieces. Ankara fabric, with its bold patterns, pairs beautifully with bold accessories.
  • Footwear: Depending on the occasion, heels can elevate the elegance of the outfit, while flats or sandals can give a casual touch.
  • Hair and Makeup: Depending on the style and event, a neat bun or loose waves can complement the outfit. As for makeup, either go bold with a matching lip shade or keep it neutral to let the Ankara print shine.
  • Mix and Match: You can wear the blouse or skirt separately with other outfits, providing versatility to your wardrobe.

Incorporating these trendy Ankara skirt and blouse styles will surely turn heads wherever you go. Whether it’s a casual event or a formal gathering, there’s an Ankara style perfect for the occasion.


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