Trendy Ankara Skirts and Lace Blouse/Tops.

Trendy Ankara skirt and lace blouse/tops.
It Amazing how fashionable ladies turn out beautifully styles always. Lace Blouse/ Tops on ankara skirt are indeed Stylish and of course it makes a lot of sense.
Lets check out today’s collection.

Ankara skirts are western-influenced, loose fitting garments that can range from short cut with a fitted top to long panelling outfit. It was originally made in Turkey of bell-like stripes or circles of white or black fabric, worn mostly by the women in Parliament during their periodic weekly meetings.

Lace blouses/tops are a shortcut way to make complex designs. You can use them as sleeves, appliques on hems and even as full bustles at ears and shoulders. The motifs can also be found on crocheted sweaters, knitted hats and shawls.

Ankara skirts are stylish skirts for women made from the Ankara fabric and are commonly seen with blouses, shoes and jewelry. They make you look like a local, but offer timelessness at the same time.

These skirts are loved by style lovers because they not only give you local style but also a perfect combination of downtown coolness with traditional values.

Ankara skirts and lace tops both look like a fabric used by nomadic tribes in Anatolia. Ankara is the name of this region that covers mainly to the eastern part of Marmara Region in Turkey.

The Ottoman Empire ruled over nomadic tribes in Anatolia (nowadays Marmara Region) which they called Argonauts, offering clothing and food to put them more at ease. The lace used in these garments was the style liked best by them so it began to be called Kashkaval or “the fabric from Kashkadarya”. Ankara became quite popular because of its use by ordinary citizens and various locations where one can see remnants are at the Danubian Coffee House, Tariq- u

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