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Top 41 Glamorously 2021 Trends Dresses Ankara Fashion Styles

African designers are using social media to gain exposure for their clothing. It’s also a way for them to be able to expand their audience without having the risk of going into debt for designer services. The only downside is that these design sheets don’t always get approval from Westerners when it comes to being fashionable. “Africa fashion styles are the future of fashion. Africa is the core place where fashion was born, so we want to share our culture with the rest of the world,” says one designer who chose to remain anonymous.

African Fashion Brand Quite Few

The blogger for a group called “Africa Fashion Style Bloggers” in Kenya says that most apparel in Africa is made by hand, or using machines and that it’s difficult to find more than two brands of African clothing. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t good brand quality or stylish clothing being produced in Africa.


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