Amazing Ways to Style Your Royal Blue Colour Aso-ebi Fabric

Now that the invitation card is out and one of the colours of the day is royal blue. You are a bit undecided, what fabric should I buy for that owambe/party. Should it be lace, george, sequins, brocade, damask, ankara or velvet.
The Celebrant has brought a royal blue aso-ebi fabric being the official colour of the day and you have been thinking of what style to make with it. says look no further. Here’s some amazing ways to style your royal blue aso-ebi fabric to look elegant and classy.
In this collection, we have selected amazing styles from royal blue colour fabric. You will see Trendy styles to choose from. Long gowns styles, short gown styles,bubu styles, kimono dresses, off shoulders styles, corset styles, bustier corset styles, trending illusion necklines styles,mono straps neckline styles and so much more.
Lets check them out.

Photo Credit – Instagram and Pinterest

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