86 Photos: Different Styles You Can Make From Your Lace Fabric

Here are many different styles that can be made using lace fabric.
1.Boubou gowns:You can use your lace fabric to make this style. This is a good outfit for more mature women, and you can wear it to anything you want, including church activities. You can add Ankara fabric to any part of this bourbon gown as a way to decorate it and make it look more elegant.

2. Fitted gown with front slit: This is another style that can be made with lace fabric. Both young women and older women can wear it. Fitted lace gowns can be worn to weddings, dinner nights, the dedication of a child, and other events.
3. For shoulder and sleeve designs: Lace can be added to an Ankara outfit’s sleeves, shoulders, and chest area. When choosing the lace fabric for your Ankara dress, you should think about how the colors will look together.
4. Iro and Buba outfits: This elegant ensemble can also be made using the lace fabric that you have. This is an ensemble that is typically worn by sophisticated women at large parties.
5. Lace fabrics can also be used to create the hem of an Ankara gown when it is being made, which is another option for designing the hem of a gown.

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