30+ Trendy and Fascinating Skirt and Blouse Styles For All Occasions

One of African woman’s timeless dress style is the very popular skirt and blouse. When it comes to skirt and blouse styles the African woman can comfortably attend any party/owanbe with head up high
This style of dress is always achieved with all or any kind of fabric. . Any available fabric goes with it Ankara (African print), lace, Kente you just name it.
Type of blouse used to wear skirts varies from choice to fabric type. Lately corset styles blouse are in vogue. Others may prefer off shoulder blouse while some ladies like blouse with yoke. Peplum blouse styles also trends but of late, Basque waistline are beginning to take centre stage.
Similarly, skirt types varies. Strength skirt seems to be appreciated these days but no particular length is trending. Short skirt, Neel length skirt or flare skirts are desirable for must ladies. Two pieces skirt, four pieces skirt, six and eight pieces flare skirts never leaves the stage. Other types of skirts that rocks blouses are high-low skirt and handkerchief skirts.
Which ever type you choose the most important thing is that you are comfortable and confident in your look.
Lets now scroll through this exciting look book and be inspired.

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