28 PHOTOS: Gorgeous Ankara Dress Styles For Women – Latest Church Dresses 2022

Choosing the Right Dress for Your Body Shape

When choosing a dress model, the important thing is to choose the dress that suits your body. So how can we choose the dress according to our body shape?

• Pear body – If you have a body that is expanding downward, if you choose a dress with a narrow bottom and a fluffy top, the dress will camouflage you.
• Slim body – Short and sticking dresses will reflect your body very well.
• Thick waist – If your waist is thick for your body, then you can choose low waist clothing. You can evaluate the retro style very well.
• Short body – If your body is shorter than normal, you should choose “A” cut dresses to cover this defect.
• Hourglass body type – Dress models with a “V” collar, pleated skirt, and belt are recommended for hourglass bodies.



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